A Brand New Logo!

March 16, 2016

Our new Logo is out! 

What is it? What does it represent?


After much reflexion, we decided we needed a fresh logo, that would better represent our services.


So, what is it?



A circle, an oval. Period.


The circle represents our focus on sports. It is ball shaped. Not only football, but also, basketball, volleyball, handball... All ball sports can be interprated from this circle.


And that probably tells you more about the oval now; yes, it is representing Rugby, but also can be seen as a separate - finite - area within the ball.


If you use more imagination, the oval cutting through the circle may represent the stripes of a basket ball, or a tennis ball. 


And last - Quantum makes reference to Physics, planets - the circle and the oval are purposedly linked together to represent this.


In short, we are willing to provide sports analytics. For All. 

This is our purpose, our vision.


I hope you do like it!






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March 16, 2016

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