Optimise your Performances with QSA RPE.

Individual & Team Sports

QSA proposes Mobile and  Web application using the RPE methodology (Rated Perceived Exertion), a scientifically validated questioning method (Foster). Our apps are simple and easy to use, and allow the fitness coach to gain a considerable amount of time in data collection, to help in  decision making for future training sessions (intensity, duration), and to better communicate with all team members.

The mobile app QSA RPE, allows the fitness coach to follow his athletes daily, through a Wellness and Recovery questionnaire to fill in the morning, and a post-training answer to the RPE. A very intuitive and real-time dashboard based on colored indexes provides instant information on perception of the training workload (undercharge, optimal charge, overcharge), recovery, and wellness of your athletes. 

Thanks to QSA RPE, the RPE methodology becomes accessible to everyone!

The web app QSA WEB goes even further in the analysis to offer a complete, intuitive interface, to consult, compare training loads (daily, weekly) and provides other indexes for injury prevention. QSA WEB also has an export functionality to create team and player reports in PDF, and export your data in CSV format.



  • Teams (you can create more than one team)

  • Athletes profiles

  • Training sessions


  • Athletes' answers in a dynamic way, or choose to type them in yourself


  • Consult a clear and intuitive Dashboard  to plan future training sessions. 3 indexes are calculated scientifically validated)

    • Load Stress Index

    • Recovery Index

    • Wellness Index​​

    • Consult Team and Individual Dashboards


  • Secure Web access

  • Access intuitive and interactive Dashboards and analyze daily, weekly charges (and ratios), RPE, Wellness in detail to optimize training, prevent injuries, and increase performance!

  • Export your data in PDF and CSV​​ 

Be an Actor of your monitoring and send answers to your Questionnaires to your Fitness Coach!

  • Answer the Wellness Questionnaire every morning, it will be sent to the coach app

  • Be notified when a new session is created to answer RPE in a timely manner 

Monitor your Individual Sessions

  • Create your  own sessions and answer to the RPE question for your individual, extra, or recovery sessions

  • All data are synchronized and sent to the coach app



Create and manage teams and athletes and manage your training sessions. Information are synchronized in real-time for you to follow each parameter in a dynamic way 

(training load stress, recovery, sleep quality, fatigue, DOMS, stress...).

Optimize your training sessions, prevent injury risk, improve performance, and follow recovery and wellness of your athletes!


The mobile app for athletes (smartphone and tablet) is designed so that athletes don't spend more than a few seconds per day to answer the Wellness and Post-Training questionnaires!

Thanks to these informations, your fitness coach can evaluate your readiness to train and adapt his sessions to optimize your training, prevent injury risk, improve performance and follow your wellness and recovery!


Follow your athletes for only

2.5€ per athlete and per month

Free 21 days trial !


Sladjana TOPIC

Pivot - Handball Club Celles-sur-Belle

(LFH) - France

"A constant introspection to improve performances

QSA RPE is very useful for players, it allows me to identify the source of issues related to training and life aspects. I didn’t consider so much parameters like mood and stress before. The need to give a mark each day against training and wellness parameters allows me to do my own physical and mental introspection. It helps me better consider those aspects, and allows me to work harder everyday to improve my performances."

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Matthias HUETTEN

National Junior Coach

German Badminton Federation

"An excellent tool to monitor your athletes

It is sometimes difficult to find the right training intensity for each athlete. QSA RPE is the perfect tool to follow and analyse instantly all the information I need. 

Easy to use, intuitive, QSA RPE gives pertinent, scientifically validated data analysis, in the form of indexes to follow evolutions of Load Stress, Recovery and Wellness, directly on my smartphone or tablet.

QSA WEB is an excellent complementary analysis platform, with detailed and professional analysis.

QSA RPE and QSA WEB help me to improve my athletes' performance, protect them from injuries, by adapting their individual training plan."